Welcome Teach For Vietnam

We are delighted to announce that Teach For Vietnam has joined the Teach For All network, becoming its 44th partner. Driven by its vision to ensure that all children in Vietnam attain an excellent education by 2050, Teach For Vietnam’s mission is to recruit and develop outstanding graduates and professionals to inspire collective leadership inside and outside of education to build a sustainable ecosystem that will provide expanded opportunities for all children.

The nature of educational inequity in Vietnam is complex, and rooted in both geography and ethnicity. In the country’s rural areas, just 13.8% of children complete upper secondary school, compared to 37.4% of children in urban areas. Ethnic minority children make up more than 60% of the country’s most disadvantaged children—and just 60% of them complete primary school, compared to 82% of their peers of the ethnic majority. Furthermore, while it is estimated that there will be a surplus of 70,000 teachers across the country by 2020, the percentage of certified teachers is low.

Founded and led by Phuc Hanh Huynh, Teach For Vietnam is working to ensure the country’s most disadvantaged children have the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive. The organization is currently recruiting its first cohort of 25-30 Fellows who will begin teaching in August 2017 in schools in Tay Ninh.

“I deeply believe that the idea of developing promising future leaders from diverse backgrounds—both inside and outside of education—is crucial to spreading innovation, collaboration, and leadership in Vietnam,” explains Phuc. “All children in Vietnam deserve equal opportunities to receive an excellent education, regardless of their background. They need critical-thinking skills, as well as values and mindsets that will equip them for the 21st century, so they can lead a meaningful life for themselves, their families, and as part of a thriving society.”

We welcome Teach For Vietnam to Teach For All and look forward to collaborating with and learning from its staff, participants, and future alumni, and the communities in which they work.

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