Paola Parra

My name is Paola Parra, I live in Todos Santos Baja California Sur, México. I am 15 years old and I’m in the 10th grade at The Palapa School.

Some of my hobbies consist of, movie watching and making, listening to 60s rock, reading novels as well as comic books, cooking, writing poetry, traveling and learning about different cultures.

Personality-wise, my family and friends would describe me as an extroverted, dedicated, passionate and hardworking person, in the sense that I’m a teenager with endless ambitions who firmly believes she can one day change the world she lives in by creating a healthier environment for the next generations to walk this planet.

I love my community, living in a small suburban town in Mexico is pretty cool, most people would rather live in a big city with fast food chain restaurants at every corner, but I like it here, it’s refreshing being surrounded by such caring and compassionate people.

Ever since I was a little girl, my town has been very influential in my life; experiencing so much color and culture from a young age has surely inspired me to leave my comfort zone and not to conform.

With the help of the Student Leader Advisory Council, I look forward to promoting global confidence, working across cultural differences, problem-solving and operating projects together with many other bright minds.

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