Kholoud Salameh

Teach For Palestine

Kholoud has built an impressive career spanning more than twenty years, during which she has developed a wide range of skills and a proven track record in program management, advocacy, and strategic leadership and planning. She has spearheaded important initiatives in education, gender equality, and inclusivity with organizations like Right To Play, and has successfully created and driven impactful projects in media, journalism, and community development. Kholoud consistently exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional results, thanks to her ability to strategize, implement, and lead teams towards achieving objectives. Her commitment to excellence, innovation, and stakeholder engagement is evident in all her work.

 Kholoud graduated from Al-Quds University, majoring in entrepreneurship and economics and she holds a Master’s degree in European studies from the University of Dusseldorf in Germany. She has worked with various international, regional, and local NGOs such as Right To Play, IMM, and Filastiniyat. She has also gained valuable experience in both the private and governmental sectors.

At the national level, Kholoud participated in the development of several impactful projects. In the fieldof education, she played a significant part in incorporating essential life skills into the Ministry of Education system, collaborating with MoE experts, and successfully aligning the RTP Numeracy and Literacy manuals with Palestinian textbooks after adapting them to the local context.

 One of Kholoud’s primary interests is serving children, particularly children with disabilities, and creating a safe inclusive environment where all children can thrive and reach their full potential.