Peru's First Lady Visits EnseñaPerú

In late November, the First Lady of Peru, Nadine Heredia, wife of President Ollanta Humala, joined  the Vice Minister of Education and the Regional Government of Arequipa on a visit to the San Juan Apóstol School on the outskirts of Arequipa. Through this visit, the First Lady and the Vice Minister hoped to witness the impact that EnseñaPerú is generating in this community.

The following is a reflection about the event, addressed to EnseñaPerú participants currently in the field, by Franco Mosso, EnseñaPerú’s Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer.

Today was a very important day for EnseñaPerú: The First Lady and a Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education witnessed our movement first-hand at San Juan Apóstol School in Arequipa.

Nathalie Muelle, a 4th cohort Profesional de EnseñaPerú (PEP), hosted us in the classroom, making sure that the First Lady and the Vice Minister had a wonderful time with the students. Arequipa PEPs Alberto Muñoz Najar and Alicia Ortiz and I shared with them what EnseñaPerú is all about. A fantastic group of PEPs and alumni joined us and engaged candidly with the First Lady, who seemed to really understand the value of our work and also shared her personal journey.

It is important to note that this visit was not initiated by EnseñaPerú, but rather was a request that came from the government directly—a testament to the impact of our work and of the relationships we continue to build with the government. The First Lady left with a clear and deep understanding of our work, and an interest in supporting the development of a more meaningful relationship with EnseñaPerú. This is a huge accomplishment with the potential to have a great impact on our efforts.

It was an intense day, and I am grateful to everyone at EnseñaPerú who gave it their all—for being there and for sharing their conviction in an honest dialogue with the First Lady. I believe that this type of recognition further inspires us to serve our country. The First Lady and our EnseñaPerú team felt very much welcomed by the people of Arequipa, and I am thankful for their generosity.