A Second Chance, A Real Change

A student in one of Teach For Qatar’s partner schools, Abdulrahman, developed a presentation to give to teachers on new tools for using PowerPoint. The day of the presentation came, and he was very excited. He had been preparing for weeks. The teacher took over the presentation, and did not give the chance for Abdulrahman to even participate. He was in tears and devastated. All his hard work and excitement went unrewarded and unacknowledged. A Teach For Qatar teacher happened to be in that session, and stayed back with the student, talking for hours. He got the boy to feel better on the day and promised him one day his work would be acknowledged and appreciated. It took two years, but Abdulrahman finally got his chance. Teach For Qatar invited him to give that same workshop to the new Fellows in the 2017 Summer Institute. Not only did Abdulrahman get his chance, but his work was unique and inspirational to our fellows and staff. Abdulrahman is on track to do great things, and he might even get the chance to present his work in the upcoming World Innovation Summit for Education.

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