Skaiste Lazdauskaite

Skaiste joined Renkuosi Mokyti! as head of the programme in July 2017 after six years of studying and working abroad. She has a strong track record as a project manager in working for international education NGOs and social enterprises. Skaiste is passionate about empowering students to create a better future for themselves and all of us regardless of their background.

Prior to joining Renkuosi Mokyti! Skaiste worked in the London office of United World Colleges (UWC), whose mission is to create a peaceful and sustainable future through education. There she contributed towards increasing scholarships for deserving students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive quality education. Skaiste has four years of experience in leading informal educational initiatives for children in Lithuania and worked as a teacher at the Kaunas Art Gymnasium. She holds an MSc in Politics and International Studies (Uppsala University, Sweden) and a BA in Public Administration (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania).

Skaiste volunteers for the UWC National Committee of Lithuania which is responsible for local representation of the UWC movement, and selects outstanding young people from Lithuania to study at UWC schools and colleges around the globe.

Skaiste is excited to have returned to her native Lithuania to help address challenges in the national education system. She believes that one day all children in Lithuania will experience the success and joy of learning!

Partner CEO
Renkuosi Mokyti!