Teach For All's Global Learning Lab Explores Powerful Progress in Classrooms and Communities

We are excited to announce the launch of the Global Learning Lab at Teach For All, an initiative designed to understand and learn from transformational classrooms and communities around the world.

In its initial phase, the Global Learning Lab will focus on exploring high-impact classrooms across and beyond our global network in an effort to improve teacher practice and classroom leadership. This work will be generously supported by a $1 million grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. Given the tremendous potential of learning and sharing best practices across borders, the efforts of the Global Learning Lab can help to catalyze innovation and learning within the broader field of education.

The Global Learning Lab will enable Teach For All to facilitate, study, and spread innovations in classroom leadership on questions critical to our network and to the broader education landscape. What are the most effective teachers in high-need communities doing differently, and how can we develop more of these teachers? What are the broader student outcomes that matter most? Which teacher actions and mindsets lead to transformational outcomes? 

The Global Learning Lab’s new and evolving website offers several interactive resources for education professionals. Among these is a Repository of tools for measuring student outcomes, and a set of Provocation Papers designed to spark critical self-reflection on fundamental questions such as what student outcomes we should be working towards, and how to design teacher development programs that will lead to these outcomes.

As its first collaborative initiative, the Global Learning Lab is inviting members of the Teach For All community to collectively observe, learn from, and analyze classrooms around the world by applying to be part of a Classroom Learning Loop. Watch the video below to learn more:

The Global Learning Lab is also grateful for funding from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.