Teach First-UK

Teach First
London, UK

For years, London was among the worst-performing areas in England in terms of outcomes for students from low-income communities. Today, the city’s schools have become the highest performing in the country, and independent research identified Teach First as one of four key factors in this transformation. 

Currently, one in 14 of all teachers working in schools serving London’s low-income communities are Teach First teachers and alumni, with over 1,000 alumni serving in middle or senior leadership positions in London schools. Teach First alumni serve as head teachers at almost 100 schools, having either founded new schools or taken over existing ones. Beyond the classroom, more than 50 alumni are working at every level of policy, including the policy advisor to the secretary of state for education, and hundreds are working in non-profit organizations that seek to fill gaps and influence system change—including 40 who have founded and lead social enterprises that are developing teachers and school leaders, expanding the focus of schools, supporting first generation university students, and more.