Teach for India - Pune

Teach For India
Pune, India

In Pune, one of Teach For India’s first placement cities, more than 80% of alumni have continued to work in education, leading numerous initiatives to strengthen the system. 

In a city where there were no English medium secondary schools, they’ve established 14, making it possible for students to complete secondary education and have a high-quality pathway to post-secondary options. Alumni run several initiatives to support the development of thousands of other teachers and headteachers in the system, and they’ve opened community centers and launched social enterprises to supplement what’s offered in schools, provide students with holistic development, and engage parents in their children’s learning. The Pune Children’s Zone was developed by alumni to connect early childhood education and vocational education to schools. And alumni-led Leadership For Equity is working collaboratively to build the capacity of government system leaders, improve teaching and learning practices, and influence policy to enable quality education at scale.