Teach For Pakistan Launches Innovative Teaching Competition

In January, Teach For Pakistan, in partnership with Ilm Ideas, a UK Department for International Development (DFID) funded program, launched the nationwide campaign Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash: A Competition for Innovative Teachers. The first competition of its kind in Pakistan, Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash is calling on teachers to submit their most effective, low-cost methods for increasing student learning, personal growth, and engagement, and improving their own classroom management. The competition aims to inspire the sharing and implementation of creative and scalable teaching practices among the country’s educators, and is open to all Pakistani citizens currently teaching in a registered government or private school at the primary or secondary level.

“Teachers all across Pakistan are achieving remarkable things in their classrooms, and many are doing so with the creative use of minimal material resources,” explained Project Manager Sairah Zaidi. “What is missing are mechanisms to capture and disseminate these low-cost, innovative teaching methods. Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash aims to provide this platform so that educators nationwide may share, scale, and replicate best practices.”

Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash will culminate this summer with conferences in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad where the competition's findings will be shared with Pakistan’s key education stakeholders. Winning teachers and their schools will share cash prizes totaling $7500, and the top 25 selected methods and practices will be included in an innovations guidebook that will be distributed to educators throughout the country. Select winning teachers will attend the city conferences to speak about their innovations and receive recognition for their achievements. Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash will also produce a series of videos documenting innovative classroom practices.

“We believe education and innovation are engaged in common enterprise and the overarching goal of Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash is to galvanize teachers so that students and the education sector benefit overall.” Project Director Derek J. Langford said at the launch event for the competition.  “In so doing, we can raise the discourse on education in Pakistan.”

Teach For All is inspired by the potential of Taleemi Jiddat Ki Talaash to raise awareness of effective, low cost teaching practices that can be replicated by teachers throughout Pakistan and beyond. We look forward to learning from and sharing more about this exciting Teach For Pakistan initiative in the months to come.