Ulf Matysiak

Teach First Deutschland (TFD) was founded in 2007 by Kaija Landsberg and Michael Okrob after the two wrote their master’s thesis on the adaptability of the Teach For America/Teach First model to Germany. Today, Teach First Deutschland has 118 Fellows working in five of the 16 German states, as well as 92 alumni continuing to address educational inequity across all sectors of German society.

Ulf Matysiak joined Teach First Deutschland in 2007 in its early stages. He quickly transitioned to become the organization’s head of training and support, a position he held until 2011. Today, Ulf leads Teach First Deutschland along with Kaija Landsberg.

Prior to joining Teach First Deutschland, Ulf worked at International House Berlin where he trained teachers as well as tutors. Ulf ’s involvement in youth and education policy started early as a student in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the age of 18 he held his first talks on education reform, advising Stuttgart City Councils and state parliament fractions on various education and youth policy issues.

In Freiburg, Ulf was engaged in a number of initiatives, including the Youth Parliament Freiburg he established in 1999, and the tri-national Youth Parliament he designed that included delegates from Switzerland and France. He later worked for the Youth Welfare Office in Freiburg as a “Streetworker” and was responsible for the building of a youth center in the city.

Ulf enjoys running, cooking, and writing and lives in Berlin, Germany, with his wife.

Teach First Deutschland
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