"While context is important, knowledge and solutions are transferable."

In 2016, Teach For All launched the Communities of Practice, providing a platform for alumni from across the global network with similar career pathways to build relationships and further their work by sharing and discussing each other’s successes and challenges. While their local contexts are unique, the nature of the challenges these alumni are addressing in their countries is often similar.

“There are some things that are the same for all of us,” says Katie Gramenova, the CEO and Co-Founder of Steps Academy and an alumna of Teach For Bulgaria. “And then there are these cultural or geographical differences, which challenge your thinking, and make you think, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Have I considered that?”

Being part of a Community of Practice provides alumni with a network of colleagues to support and challenge them, as well as to offer advice based on their own experiences.

“The great thing about the community of practice is you can find a lot of experts, but all of them are in different…moments in their organizations,” explains Laura Borda, Education Director for Co-School and an alumna of EnseƱa por Colombia. “What I think now, every time I’m trying to solve something, is ‘There must be someone in the network who is asking this question.’”