Yelyzaveta Shelestova

Привіт! I’m Liza Shelestova, a 16 year old teenager from Ukraine. My village is called Sviatopetrivske and it is situated near the capital of my country – Kyiv. I am currently in the 11th grade of comprehensive school. I adore studying history and I’m really interested in politics, that’s why my personal aim is to become a lawyer or a diplomat.

I have been actively involved in school activities and projects since I was 10 years old, and at the age of 13 I became the president of my school, so I can honestly say that I have a good leadership experience. One of the projects I am really proud of was the competition, at my own instigation, for the best design concept for our school. I think that was really important because, mainly, it was a chance for students to bring their views to the school administration and teachers. Working together, we were able to bring our ideas to adults and begin changing the school interior together.

Besides, I would like to add that I am an artistic person: I love music and my passion is singing. Doing vocals helped me to cultivate patience and the realization that good results require hard work.

I really enjoy working on projects because I am fascinated by the process of turning a small thought into an initiative, then initiative into a work, and finally work into a result: it inspires me to believe that we all can begin to change our world for the better by the power of an idea and collaboration with like-minded people. Hence I was really excited to hear that I was selected to SLAC because it means that even a small-town girl like me has the opportunity to be a part of something great and make a contribution to improving education in my own country and in the world.

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