Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Sadia believes that financial independence is critical for young girls and women in her community--and yet, she notes that this is not actively cultivated in schools. She envisions a future for her female students where they are equipped with entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to improve their standard of living and avoid common challenges like early marriage, school drop-out, and domestic slavery. 

As a result, she began a project to cultivate girls’ entrepreneurial and life skills. She began by identifying needs and opportunities in the community and providing training that would help students address those through social entrepreneurship or profit-oriented businesses to generate income. Some training topics included bead-making, stitch-making, soap-making, waste recycling and reuses and nature conservation. She has also invited professionals to facilitate some of the trainings. She has been in awe of the zeal of her students and is observing greater enjoyment of growing skills in these areas.





Sadia Lawal