Reflections on the 2023 Teach For All Global Conference

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Yukabeth Kidenda, CEO, Teach For Kenya and Vongai Nyahunzvi, Chief Network Officer and Head of Region - Africa, Teach For All
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An overhead shot of a large, diverse group of people on a roof

There is a profound truth in the saying that when we unite, great things happen. Exactly two weeks ago, we witnessed this when our global network gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for the first in-person Teach For All Global Conference in four years. This was a historic moment for our region, as it was the first time the Global Conference was hosted in Africa. 

Africa is becoming one of the youngest continents globally, and as a people we are determined to rise above our challenges. We’re developing a new cadre of leaders who are revolutionising what collective leadership and learning look like. By bringing our global network to Africa, we were able to demonstrate the African spirit that is rooted in the Ubuntu ideology—“I am because we are.” 

During the sessions, there was a collective reflection on the concept of student leadership as integral to our vision in the Africa region and across Teach For All. The conversations ignited further recognition of how supporting students to become empowered leaders can profoundly shape educational progress and societal transformation both within the classroom and beyond. 

The Network Breakthroughs celebration is always a much-anticipated and an exciting part of the Global Conference, and this year was no different. Every speaker inspired us to imagine the limitless possibilities that lay ahead for the individuals in our classrooms and in the communities where we work. Prompted by our colleagues from Enseña Uruguay, a question that we have continued to brood on is “Who am I leaving behind and how can we continue to practise conscious inclusion?”

When we think of the Global Conference, the sheer magnitude of the entire experience, we are left in awe of how much we can achieve when we decide to push the boundaries of our limitations. We set out to advance our thinking about our work and our collective vision of developing students as leaders who can shape a better future, and we believe that we achieved this and much more. It’s now up to all of us to carry forward and build upon the energy and learning we sparked together in Nairobi

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