Teach For All Events

Teach For All hosts and convenes a variety of events throughout the year for the network as well as our global community. 

Teach For All hosts and convenes a variety of events throughout the year for the network as well as our global community. Events open to the public are listed below:

Upcoming & Current Events

We host regular forums to share what our global network is learning with our supporters and allies. In each discussion, we explore a topic in depth together with a group of leaders from across the network. Following each forum we post videos and summaries featuring curated insights from these conversations.

Past Events

More than 500 members of Teach For All’s global community joined in a virtual celebration of the network’s 15th anniversary that was equal parts inspiring, profound, and joyful. Visit our 15th Anniversary Celebration Video Archive for highlights from the event!

Skoll Global Ecosystem Event: Advancing Equity through Networks and Collective Leadership

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice uprisings have moved us to reflect on the type of society and world we want to share. These upheavals have illuminated the colonial roots of our current global development system and the limitations of medical and technological advances to reach the most vulnerable. At the same time, we’ve seen the power of collaborative movements and collective leadership in action. This discussion will explore how collective leadership is cultivated and how greater investments in this networked approach to leadership development can advance our shared vision for a more sustainable and equitable world.  Co-organized by Emerging Public Leaders, Global Health Corps and Teach For All. 

Skoll Global Ecosystem Event: Learning from the past to move forward: Systems don’t have agency, people do

From HIV to Ebola to COVID, the history of pandemics has shown that a powerful tool for systems change is cultivating the individual and collective potential of proximate leaders. This conversation will highlight how proximate leaders exercised their agency and mobilized their communities in moments of crisis to build forward better and address system gaps. Featuring Hon. Dr. Mark Dybul and rising leaders from Liberia, Pakistan, and Uganda. Co-organized by African Leadership Academy, Global Health Corps and Teach For All. 

Our annual Global Conference is an opportunity to learn and reflect together as a global community of staff members, participants, alumni, students, supporters, and allies of Teach For All network partners. From October 27-30, 2021 we explored the question “What leadership do we need now?” and considered how to develop this leadership to create a more equitable, inclusive world. Learn more


From May 20-July 1, 2021, this speaker series brought together a diverse group of African opinion leaders, global thinkers, and local changemakers to share their work and experiences, and inspire others to contribute to the reimagining of education in Africa. Visit the event page to watch full-length videos of each of the sessions, and to learn more about the panelists.

To celebrate International Women's Day, Teach For All hosted a conversation with women leaders from IG Group and Credit Suisse about career paths for women in finance, and how women can support each other to enter and succeed in the field. Learn more.