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We’re committed to working toward educational equity on a global level because we believe that ensuring all children—everywhere—receive a high quality education leads to a more just, peaceful, and thriving world. Within and beyond our network, we engage with incredible people all over the world every day, and go to bed knowing our hard work and passion are helping to drive significant impact.

Significant responsibility offers many opportunities to grow

As a growing network of independent organizations with ambitious goals, Teach For All operates in an innovative and ever-evolving environment. By necessity and design, employees are responsible for multiple projects and are given a high level of accountability and flexibility to do their best work. We value a culture of supportive feedback that allows us to continuously learn, improve, and excel.

We work with exceptional people

Grounded in our five core values—Locally Rooted and Globally Informed, Constant Learning, Diversity & Inclusiveness, Mutual Responsibility, and Sense of Possibility—Teach For All is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community in which everyone learns from and collaborates with each other. While we are ambitious and hard-working, we are also generous and friendly. Through our unique perspectives, we expand each other’s worlds.

We’re flexible so you can be too

At Teach For All we’re passionate about our mission and serious about our work—but we’re also human beings with full lives and multiple priorities. Our staff members live and work around the world, some in our hub offices, others in home offices. Being global may mean taking an early morning or late evening call, but it also allows us to adapt our schedules around personal and family priorities.



Teach For All provides a global platform for sharing and learning across borders and works closely with network partners to accelerate their impact in their countries. We operate out of five regional hub offices in New York, Washington DC, London, Doha, and Hong Kong. 

Data, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement

Data, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement team (DREAM) ensures that the global organization continues to adapt best practices approaches to assessing, analyzing, and demonstrating the impact of our work, the work of our partners, and our collective impact. We work internally with global organization staff, with partner staff, and external organizations to advance the organization's and the network's short, medium and long term strategic priorities. We are the cheerleaders, motivating Teach For All to make data, research, and evaluation part of their day to day work.

Executive Management

The Executive Management Team supports the overall strategy, operations, and governance of the global organization by:

- Making decisions on the global organization's strategic framework, organizational structure and the allocation of resources between teams, using the advice process

- Enabling reflection on progress toward our intended outcomes and facilitate coordination across teams in pursuit of them

- Enabling the effective governance and leadership of the global organization, including through supporting the effectiveness of the CEO and COO


The Finance team serves as the key strategic partner to all of the global organization's internal teams and senior management with respect to their finance needs. We are responsible for working with teams to develop solutions that unleash organizational energy; providing the necessary information for good resource allocation decisions: ensuring compliance with donor, auditor, and legal requirements; and maintaining efficient and reliable financial systems and processes. We aim to be both proactive and responsive, ensuring long-term sustainability while helping teams address short-term obstacles to success.

Global Development

The Global Development team is responsible for inspiring a global community of supporters to invest in collective leadership to ensure that all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We ensure the global organization has the financial resources it needs to accomplish our theory of change through building authentic, deep relationships with our supporters that ultimately become part of a global constituency advocating and providing financial support to ensure all children have education, support and opportunity; raising funds for the global organization as well as enabling funding for network partners through cultivating and securing external partnerships. We also support other teams within the global organization that are doing this work, working particularly closely with the Network Growth (generating regional sources of funding) and Multilateral I Government Partnerships teams (generating multilaterallgovemment sources of funding), by providing the central development resources and support they need.

Global Learning Lab

The Global Learning Lab facilitates, captures, and spreads innovations in classroom and community leadership and learning across and beyond the Teach For All network.

Leadership and Learning

The Leadership & Learning (L&L) team accelerates learning across the network by: supporting strong learning experiences and communities (in-person, virtual); enabling systematic capture and sharing of best insights and innovations across the network, and supporting leadership development across multiple groups. We are uniquely positioned to support multiple teams and identify cross-cutting opportunities, as well as focus on the "important" in addition to the urgent.

Participant and Alumni Impact

The Participant and Alumni Impact (PAI) team supports network partners to accelerate participant and alumni leadership, learning and impact, This includes a direct contribution to participant and alumni leadership and sense of global community.

The PAI team is comprised of:

System Leadership: In close partnership with the broader PAI team the System Leadership team supports partners and their alumni to exercise leadership in great numbers and across sectors to radically transform education systems.

Regional Specialists: Sitting on both the PAI team and their respective regional teams, the Regional Specialists collaborate with one another, as well as the GLL, System Leadership and central PAI teams to directly support partners to accelerate participant and alumni leadership, learning, impact and to develop a sense of global community. 

Partner Engagement

The Partner Engagement team manages the engagement of partner CEOs through deepening relationships and serving as a holistic strategic resource to assist CEOs with diagnosing overall support needs in order to ensure that the global organization strategically leverages network resources to meet those needs.

The team is responsible for:

- Establishing, developing, and maintaining a strong relationship between the partners and global organization

- Diagnosing overall support needs at the partner, portfolio, regional, and global level to ensure that we are strategically leveraging network resources to deliver support aligned to those needs

- Fostering contributions, connections, and a strong network culture between & among partner CEOs

People, Organization and Culture

The People, Organization & Culture (POC) team enables the people and teams of the global organization to achieve their developmental & organizational dreams, through:

- Talent Acquisition, DEI & Onboarding: Cultivating, attracting, and recruiting a globally diverse and highly talented candidate pool for current and future staff roles at the global organization and our network partners, and engaging and enhancing staff's experience of joining the global organization. Additionally, creating an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are at the root of all relationships, engagements and work. We will achieve this by further diversifying our staff so that we represent the communities where Teach For All partners work and supporting individuals, managers and teams through professional development opportunities to build an inclusive environment.

- Global Operations: Providing excellent operational support/or staff compensation, benefits, payroll, and immigration globally and ensure the global organization is compliant with employment laws in countries where we have staff.

- Organizational Development: Supporting the development of individuals throughout the organization in their own leadership and professional journeys, and supporting team leaders in creating an environment that fosters leadership development, wholeness, and agility for impact.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team mandate is to:

- Influence the global discussion about education in order to create an external environment conducive to the achievement of our vision.

- Build a proactive narrative and brand that highlights a clear understanding of how our network is structured, raises the profile of our partners, communicates our core purpose, values & vision, and highlights the impact of our partners and the network

- Secure public sector support and funding for the network and partners

- Engage, connect and communicate with our global network and build investment in our shared vision

- Access global opportunities to support partners in their public affairs and leverage our global platform and knowledge to elevate Teach For All partner organizations' brands.

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development team supports partners to establish and evolve leadership, systems, and culture to build and sustain healthy, thriving, vision-driven organizations. We provide direct support to partner staff and collaborate with others inside and outside of the global organization to develop knowledge and create learning experiences related to our current priorities, which for 2017 are:

- Management & Leadership

- Strategic Clarity, Planning, and Learning

- Talent Strategy, Staff Engagement, and Org Culture

- Organizational Growth, Structure, and Efficiency

- Use of Data & Technology to Accelerate Impact

Network Growth

The Network Growth team facilitates the network's growth by building relationships and understanding of our approach and impact among prospective partners, champions, advocates, and donors in regions all over the world, raising funds from within regions to support the work of the global organization and network partners, and supporting the development of locally-owned and led, high-impact, aligned network organizations.


The Scale team supports partners to build national movements of leaders and champions to ensure that all children attain an excellent education. Our team ensures partners have the recruitment practices, national brands, and public and private sector partnerships to scale their organizations- We work directly with partner staff to develop knowledge, create learning experiences, and provide direct partner support.

The scale team is comprised of two mini-teams;

Recruitment, Selection, & Marketing (RSM): RSM specialists work with local staff of Teach For All's partner organizations as they seek to build the strategies, relationships and systems to recruit and select participants who will join the effort to expand educational opportunity in their countries.

Public & Private Sector Support (PPS): PPS specialists work with local staff of Teach For All's partner organizations as they seek to build the public and private partnerships (including funding, teaching placements. government partnerships) to launch and scale their organizations.


The Technology team provides two distinct technology services to support, grow, and transform our organization's ability to achieve its mission:

Strategic: We build long-term trusted partnerships with our strategic partners throughout the organization to develop a deep understanding of their needs and provide total technology solutions. This generally requires identifying and customizing external products, though at times we may build in-house software solutions to deliver the best outcomes for our business partners.

Utility: We maintain organizational IT infrastructure, provide technical support to our staff, and manage commercial off-the-shelf systems to ensure that the organization runs smoothly (e.g. cloud, laptops, mobile, storage, network, security, end-user software)

In order to achieve our goals, we are adopting an agile mindset and practices using lean start-up principles.


We offer our employees highly competitive compensation packages that reflect their contributions to our mission and their prior experience. With staff members living and working on five continents, we’re committed to providing globally equitable and locally applicable benefits.‚Äč

Our full-coverage health insurance includes medical, dental, and vision for staff and their families. We also offer pre-tax flexible spending accounts for uncovered expenses.

We offer generous paid time-off that increases with tenure and includes vacations, an annual week-long year-end break, family leave, and sabbaticals after five years of service.

Our competitive retirement plan includes a matching contribution of 6% after one year of service and a variety of investment options for employees at all stages of their career.

Global Support
We offer extensive benefits for staff who travel for business, including paid travel expenses, global medical insurance, emergency services, and relocation support.

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