A young Black man in a black shirt high-fives a girl as two other children watch

A Commitment to Change

Through teaching, network participants gain a deeper understanding of the complex challenges facing children in marginalized communities and come to believe more in their students' and their own potential to make a difference. Whether they continue to teach or pursue other careers, their experience in the classroom sparks a deep commitment to addressing these issues throughout their lives.


Collective Leadership as Alumni

Through their experience in the classroom, network teachers also come to understand that taking on systemic problems requires many people working together inside and outside of the education system. 

As alumni, they go on to become educators, school and district leaders, policymakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs, who are working in partnership with communities and many others to spark and sustain the collective leadership needed to create meaningful change.


of Teach For All network alumni continue to work in education or in roles that positively impact marginalized communities

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Leadership Effects Research

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that Teach For All network partners attract new leaders who continue to work as education change agents throughout their careers, and that the beliefs, mindsets, and other leadership attributes of network partners’ participants are shaped by their experience. Studies show that participants in Teach For India and Enseña por México are 26 to 55 percentage points more likely to stay in careers related to education and the social sectors than similar candidates who applied but were not selected.