A diverse group of 6 adults lean over a table as they collaborate on a poster

Solutions Are Shareable

While each local context is unique, similarities in the nature of the challenges facing children from place to place mean that solutions are often shareable. The global network enables partner staff, teachers, and alumni to share these innovations with colleagues around the world, and to learn from and adapt promising ideas in their own countries.

A Network of Communities

Across Teach For All's diverse global network, numerous regional and international communities exist to enable partner staff, teachers, and alumni to connect with and learn from each other. Organized around common roles (e.g., teacher development or monitoring & evaluation), geography (e.g., Latin America or Europe), and areas of focus (e.g., student leadership or education policy) these communities foster learning and connectedness among peers who are facing similar challenges and opportunities, so that their locally rooted efforts are bolstered by global insights. 


international communities of network staff, teachers, and alumni

Learning Experiences

Throughout the year, numerous virtual and in-person learning experiences enable members of the network to exchange ideas, learn from internal and external experts, experience best practices, and problem solve together. 

Teachers and alumni of network partners can connect with peers, join learning communities, and access opportunties on the Teach For All Network Teachers & Alumni  website. Network partner staff members can log into the Partner Learning Portal to get connected and access resources.