Dewina Leuschner

I’m 17 years old, I live in Hamburg, a city in the northern part of Germany and I'm in the 11th grade at a comprehensive school. Next year I’ll focus on “Culture and Society” in school and in 2020 I’ll graduate with a main emphasis in history and philosophy. Right now I’m a participant in an Erasmus+ project on the topic of global sustainability in the “Schülerkolleg International” [Student’s College International]. This  is organized by the “Studentenforum” [Student’s Forum] of the “Tönissteiner Kreis” with the main goal to teach young students in two seminars in Berlin and Brussels how politics in Germany and Europe work, what career opportunities  there are, and what the lives of international working people in different professions look like.

From Winter 2015 until Summer 2017 I led a playgroup for children who lived in a refugee camp next to my school. It was my responsibility to plan the different activities like doing handicrafts, playing different games or baking Christmas cookies. Together with the social workers of the camp, I organized when and where to do the playgroup. Besides organizing things on my own, during this project I learned how to take care of children and work with people who speak another language, and I understood how important values like equality of opportunities, education justice ,and self determination are for the development of a society.

I’m really looking forward to participating in the Student Leader Advisory Council because I am convinced that we, committed and motivated students from different countries around the world, with manifold backgrounds and experiences in daily school life, can together develop great ideas and give new perspectives to Teach For All. We students are the centre of education and, in terms of numbers, the biggest stakeholder. Thanks to Teach For All we finally get the chance to speak up and share our thoughts about this important topic to make education successful for everyone.

Student Leader
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