Alex H. Chere

CEO and Co-founder
Teach For Ethiopia

Alex Habte Chere is the CEO & Founder of Teach For Ethiopia, which he has been developing since 2018. The turning point in his journey came when he was invited to attend the Teach For All Global Conference in Nepal in October 2018, where witnessing the young and motivated fellows from Teach For Nepal working across communities and authentically interacting with students and parents gave Alex the inspiration he was looking for. Educational equity is very personal to Alex—it is the story of his father who was lucky enough to be born as a boy in a family of two boys and eight girls. Alex's grandparents prioritized the education of their two boys while the girls stayed home, placing their fate on their future husbands. The value society placed on girls’ education at the time was never lost on Alex's father, who saw how his sisters were stuck while he and his brother got a break that they could pass on to their kids. Alex went to a private school and was able to get a quality education because he was born to a father who benefited from a system and culture that prioritized education for boys, while some of his cousins who were born to his aunts, and who did not marry their way to a better life, are still stuck. With his first-hand knowledge that access to quality education early in life is a game changer that is passed on to generations to come, Alex is committed to developing a movement of education leaders who will work throughout their lives to end educational inequity in Ethiopia. Alex holds an MBA from American University, Kogod School of Business, and has worked for a number of reputable firms in the US, including Deloitte and United Health Group.  He also had the opportunity to work in Ethiopia as a consultant for a PriceWaterhouseCoopers associate firm and was part of the team that advised the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, the World Bank, USAID, Ethiopian Privatization Agency and the Office of the Prime Minister. He has several years of experience in management consulting, capacity building, business risk management, and private and social sector development. Alex was born and raised in Ethiopia and is intimately familiar with Ethiopia's diverse culture, a quality that will uniquely position him to navigate the educational landscape.