Raby Gueye

Founder & CEO
Teach For Senegal

Raby Gueye is the founder and CEO of Teach For Senegal, which seeks to raise educational outcomes in Senegal so that one day every Senegalese child feels seen, loved, and liberated. Originally from Senegal, at the age of eight Raby moved to the United States and, since then, she has maintained a strong commitment to social justice issues. At Arizona State University, Raby assisted with research on gender violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and translated and shared the stories of rape victims in the DRC for The International Criminal Court. In 2015, she traveled to India, where she collaborated with a diverse group of NGOs to help increase the literacy rate. Upon returning from India, she was recruited by Teach For America to join their national corps of recent college graduates and professionals who commit to teaching in urban and rural public schools. As a teacher, Raby prioritized building strong relationships with her students and families to create an environment where all families felt welcomed and included. 

A 2019 Echoing Green Fellow, Raby has a bachelor’s in Global Studies and a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. Raby was also honored to be featured in Forbes 30 Under 30.