Rahmatullah Arman

Teach For Afghanistan

Rahmatullah Arman leads Teach For Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s largest youth led organization, as its President and Founder. Mr.Arman completed his secondary school studies in Kabul, Afghanistan, and received a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Masters in International Human Resources Management from the University of Pune, India. At Pune University, Mr. Arman was among the highest ranked national and international students from 2007-2011, and earned several national and international awards at debates and conferences. He has served in leading positions within government and private sector organizations in a variety of fields, and was selected as an inaugural member of the Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network of champions for girls’ education. Mr. Arman is also a Global Youth Ambassador, International Youth Council member and Board Director of PRDO organization. Teach For Afghanistan has placed 250 fellows, 75% of whom are women, in Nangarhar province, reaching over 25,000 girls and more than 15,000 boys. They have also recruited 43 fellows, over 75% of whom are women, in Parwan province where they will  impact over 15,000 children.