At Teach For All, we understand that data, research, and evaluation are critical to making possible our vision for impact in communities around the world.

Validating Our Approach Through Research and Evaluation

Teach For All is a learning organization focused on creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge around developing leadership for expanding opportunity for children. As such, we need a clear strategy for assessing our immediate, medium and long-term impact and for supporting continuous improvement, while balancing the need for both research and evaluation. Our research aims to provide new knowledge to the network with an emphasis on key areas of our approach and test hypotheses about the drivers of impact in a controlled setting and allows us to publish results.

We pursue research questions that examine our full theory of change, particularly focused on:

Short-term impact:  Support the assessment of partners’ impact on students whom we aim to see demonstrate growth in individual leadership through increased proficiency, strengthened dispositions, and growth in individual awareness and agency. Ensure research is culturally and linguistically sensitive  to diverse contexts

Medium-term impact:  Assess  the impact of Teach For All partners on developing a significant number of extraordinary leaders, through assessing the impact of Teach For All partners on participants and alumni, mindsets, values, leadership skills, and career paths

Long-term impact:  Explore how communities across the globe are enabling their children to have the education, support, and opportunity to shape a better future for themselves and us all.


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