In Lithuania, Renkuosi Mokyti! is Partnering With Schools to Create Sustainable Change

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Agnė Motiejūnė, CEO, Renkuosi mokyti!
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As Renkuosi mokyti! (Teach For All's network partner in Lithuania) seeks changes that ensure equal opportunities for every child to fulfill their potential at school, we see our fellows as leaders who bring positive changes into school communities with the highest need for support. Our School Change Projects are an example of how our fellows are making an impact in developing collective leadership.

A School Change Project is a long-term (two-year) commitment on behalf of schools that want to take on Renkuosi mokyti! fellows. Schools must create a team that analyses their community challenges, and we work together to create a plan to address the inequity. Our fellows serve as a catalyzers for change and are an integral part of the change project team, however we believe that sustainable and meaningful changes are best achieved through the involvement of the whole school community. During these projects, we form a change team within the school, which includes: 

•1-2 Renkuosi mokyti! fellows

•1-2 Renkuosi mokyti! mentors

• 4 school teachers (who are not Renkuosi mokyti! fellows)

• The school principal and vice-principal

We engage this team through a wide variety of training and seminars, and consultations with experts. Through sharing their experiences and communicating about their change project, the team ultimately involves the whole school community.

Our highest goal is to ensure long-term success in each school and each community, and the School Change Projects are helping us to achieve this lasting impact.   

Watch the  video above to learn about a School Change Project focused on helping a school that serves exclusively special needs students to create a partnership with a general education school to ensure that students with special needs are integrated into the general student population.

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