In Nigeria, Precious Adegunle is Committed to Keeping Kids Learning During and After COVID-19

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When COVID-19 forced much of Nigeria to shut down, in the remote village of Ogbogbo where Teach For Nigeria fellow Precious Adegunle teaches, many families faced overwhelming challenges accessing basic resources. Determined to ensure her students could continue learning while schools were closed, Precious began recording lessons for them, adapting and localizing the content so they could more easily absorb it. Knowing that few of her students had devices on which they could watch the lessons, she raised funds to purchase tablets for each of them. The students quickly learned to use the new technology and were excited to send back evidence of their learning to Precious via Whatsapp.

Her students’ quick adaptation to independent learning inspired Precious to take her project to the next level. She’s currently leading an effort to build community learning centers where students and families can access multimedia materials at any time, enabling them to learn at their own pace.