While schools are closed around
the world due to COVID-19, 
educators across the Teach For All 
network are working to ensure
learning continues

Every child is born with enormous potential

Every child is born with enormous potential

But around the world, millions of children lack the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive.

Teach For All is working to change this.

Developing Leadership in
Classrooms & With Communities

We envision a world where educators, policymakers, parents, and students are working together to ensure that their communities’ children have the foundation they need to shape a better future for themselves and all of us.

In the classroom, network teachers are helping their students develop into empowered leaders whose voices and actions will inspire lasting change. Informed by their classroom experiences, network alumni are working in partnership with communities to improve education and expand opportunity for children.


We are a Global Network

Teach For All is a growing network of 53 independent partner organizations and a global organization that works to accelerate the network's progress. Through the global network, partners and their teachers and alumni can share ideas and innovations across borders and adapt promising ideas in their own countries.