Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness


We seek to ensure full participation of people from all cultures and backgrounds, and we believe those who have themselves experienced the inequities we’re working to address should guide and lead this work.

We value diverse experiences and voices among individuals and groups across multiple dimensions and are committed to cultivating a culture where all people count, feel they belong, and are valued for their contributions.

We strive to apply the principles of diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI) in our policies and practices.  

Representation Among Staff

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community to reflect the world we envision and to successfully support the growing Teach For All network. We’re encouraged by our progress in increasing representation in our organization and in improving equity and inclusiveness. 

Ongoing Diversity Work

In order to achieve our vision, the global organization has been committed to building a diverse and inclusive community to reflect the world we envision and to successfully support the growing Teach For All network. We aim to create a more inclusive global environment where everyone can fully participate, feel a sense of belonging, be innovative, engage, and bring their whole selves to work.

We’ve focused on four key areas to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive global organization and network: establishing principles to guide our work together; adjusting talent acquisition approaches to build awareness, counter bias, and develop diverse pipelines; taking action to advance the creation of a more inclusive work environment; and furthering the work of current and potential partners.

  • In 2017 we held over 60 in-person and virtual training sessions on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness and power and privilege.
  • We are supporting network partners to implement their own DEI work through CEO retreats, trainings, conference sessions, specialist support, and summer institutes.
  • We’ve launched 18 initiatives across numerous teams, from partner fellowships, to revising our support to early stage entrepreneurs, to creating resources about community representation, and more.
  • We want all employees to be comfortable bringing their whole selves to work every day. To create a more inclusive environment we conducted focus groups and interviews with all staff members who self-identify as people of the global majority, and have began to implement more than 100 strategies inspired by these focus groups via dedicated DEI working groups.
  • We have a number of optional staff-led communities/resource groups that choose to come together around common identities, experiences, backgrounds, or interests. These groups tend to meet on a monthly basis to create a safe space for staff to connect and provide personal and emotional support. These groups include East Asian, Middle Eastern, Black and African, and South Asian communities.
  • We are embedding DEI principles into our internal recruiting, training, and professional development processes.

Staff Perspectives on DEI at Teach For All


"I feel as though progress has been made to recognize the value different voices within the organization bring to so many organizational conversations."
"I think as an organization we are trying very hard and allocating resources and energy to create a diverse, empathic, and inclusive work space and making sure that people feel their opinions and expertise are heard and valued."
"We are being open to allowing anyone within the organization the voice to propose new ideas and run with them...enabling us to tap into the best of our staff."
"I appreciate all of our efforts in the spirit of DEI to help everyone be their ‘full selves’ and create an inclusive and supportive environment."
"I love the focus on empowering people, creating an inclusive environment, and diversification. I feel completely different on so many calls because DEI is everywhere, which makes me feel much more safe."