Franco Mosso

Franco Mosso is the co-founder and CEO of EnseñaPerú. An economist who graduated from Peru’s Universidad de la Pacífico, he also serves as a Leadership Consultant and specialist in management of change at the Center for Adaptive Leadership in Latin America, and is a member of the Strategic Committee of CADE Universitario, the prestigious annual national conference for the engagement of talented university seniors for the development of education in Peru.

Franco taught at Universidad del Pacífico as an assistant teacher in advanced macroeconomics and advanced mathematics. His inspiration to contribute with his country begun while doing research on microfinance for rural areas in Peru, shortly after which he decided to take on the challenge of education. Prior to transitioning to the CEO role, Franco led all of EnseñaPerú’s programmatic functions, including recruitment, selection, ongoing support, alumni, placement, and government relations.

During his time on staff at EnseñaPerú, Franco met his wife, who brings happiness and new meaning to his life.

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