Isha Thakur

I am Isha from India. I am 15 and study in 9th standard. I want to share my journey which was not straight and I have learnt from this journey a lot.

I was born in Uttar Pradesh, but after my birth my family moved to Gujarat, then Haryana, then Gurugram, and finally reached Delhi. 

In 3rd standard I got admission in a government school of Delhi.  It seemed all dark to me, it was a Hindi medium classroom whose textbooks were not easy to understand. I had just one teacher who never taught us,  60 girls in class, never thought of excellent education. For them school was just a playground and a prison of five hours where the teacher used to beat them. I thought my life wouldn't have anything bright. But that experience made me tough enough and made me believe in: "If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun."

After three years of struggle I got into a Teach For India class and my life's gear changed there. I feel every person whom I met had made me better and what I am and I am very grateful to them.  I feel from my heart's core that our voice matters a lot and we should use it to bring revolution or change.

I expect that the Student Leader Advisory Council at Teach For All will be able to help me in improving my leadership qualities. It can make me courageous to raise my voice to bring education revolution because I need support of people so that we all can bring the change so that the future gets better education. It can be done with the support of all the student leaders, and that means every kid. I say this because I feel that every leader may not be a student but each and every student is a leader.

Student Leader
Teach For India