Update on Teach For Tanzania

We regret to announce the termination of our partnership with Teach For Tanzania. 

As a global network of independent, locally led and governed organizations, partnerships in the Teach For All network are underpinned by a commitment to a common set of network standards representing strong practices of governance, financial, and programmatic integrity. A recent independent audit of Teach For Tanzania’s finances revealed significant evidence of mismanagement and irregularities inconsistent with these standards.  Given the organization did not make the remedies necessary to move back into compliance with the network’s standards, we had no option but to bring our partnership to a close.  

We are grateful to a local foundation in Tanzania that has assumed responsibility for providing ongoing support to the teaching fellows so that students and schools can continue to benefit from their leadership. Moreover, we are grateful to all those fellows, staff members, and board members whose commitment to Teach For Tanzania has demonstrated the potential impact of its approach.

Our hope is to come behind a future local leader and organization in Tanzania, committed to our network’s unifying principles and standards.