Yukabeth Kidenda

CEO and Co-founder
Teach For Kenya

Yukabeth Kidenda is the Co-founder and CEO of Teach for Kenya. Growing up in a middle class Kenyan home, Yukabeth was greatly influenced by her grandfather and mother who were both trained teachers. She discovered at an early age that she was passionate about working to support underprivileged communities, and began visiting schools, orphanages, and prisons with her father. She founded the organization Human Link through which she was able to support hundreds of at-risk youth in Kenya with mentorship, academic assistance, and healthcare.   When Yukabeth was in her third year of high school, her mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. This diagnosis had a major impact on her family and their finances, and Yukabeth and her siblings were sent to live with relatives while her mother was treated in India. Yukabeth’s father made sure that his children’s education was not compromised, however, the experience exposed Yukabeth to the inequalities that existed in her country. After graduating from Strathmore College in Kenya, Yukabeth spent a year as a teacher in Honduras. On returning home, she was unable to find a job for over a year, which made her question her beliefs about quality education and led to a paradigm shift. Yukabeth realized that she didn't just want to help people get access to education, but help them get access to quality education that would enable them to thrive in the 21st century.  She became determined to one day start an organization that would afford young people like her the opportunity to launch a career of impact and purpose in their home country.  Teach For Kenya became that organization, and Yukabeth is determined to grow Teach For Kenya into a nationwide movement that will advocate for a positive Kenyan identity and free her country and its citizens from negative historical narratives. Prior to starting Teach For Kenya, Yukabeth worked as a Leadership Facilitator at ALX, an initiative of the African Leadership Group, and served as the Fellowship Director at Metis, an organization that works to accelerate the pace of education reform across the African continent by supporting Africans running high quality education initiatives.