Adriana Yaffar

CEO and Co-founder
Enseña por Bolivia

Adriana Yaffar has a Master’s degree in Business Administration with honors from Masters for Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with honors from the Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo. As a founder and CEO of Enseña por Bolivia she has been working to build the organization since 2016.

Adriana has an extensive academic and social entrepreneurship background, having taken courses at Georgetown University, Organization of American States, and Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo in areas ranging from “The History of the Cold War” to “Management in Corporate Social Responsibility” to “Global Leadership and Competitiveness.” She started her entrepreneurship career co-founding DYA S.R.L, a shopping center and food plaza operator which she’s been managing since 2011 focusing on their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. She later founded a social enterprise in the gastronomic sector, Hei Fresh Food, which focused on access to healthy food and hiring women. 

Adriana also worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, in the Humanitarian Assistance and Fight Against Hunger Group; at CEDURE, Santa Cruz, as an evaluator of their 10-year-long project, Barrio Pintudo; and as an OAS Observer in Peru, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. She has volunteered for several years with children and women at risk,  in a boarding school (San Ignacio de Moxos), orphanages, women's prisons (in Chile and Bolivia), public schools, and others.