Janine Weber-el Meouchy

Executive Director
Teach For Lebanon
Middle East & North Africa

Janine joined Teach For Lebanon as Executive Director in May 2023. She has 20 years of experience working with NGOs in the Middle East and has lived in Lebanon for 12 years. She has consulted on and led the organizational development processes of several NGOs, especially in the educational sector, and also trained organizations in this area. Janine has profound experience in strategic development, implementing good governance-based structures, and international fundraising.

Janine begun her career in the German Parliament, working with a Member of Parliament in the field of human rights and humanitarian aid with a focus on South-East Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. In parallel, she conducted leadership and educational workshops for young leaders and emerging talents from these same countries for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.  

Janine believes in change through civil society and is passionate about education, which is why she’s been a volunteer since her youth. Among other things, she co-founded a child and youth parliament in her hometown, initiated youth projects in art and environmental preservation, co-founded a student initiative for sustainable development at her university, and currently serves as president on the board of an educational NGO for children with disabilities.  

She holds two Master’s degrees, one from the Humboldt University to Berlin in Politics and Sociology, and another from the University of Rostock in Education for Sustainable Development.