Sofia Puig

Enseña Uruguay

Sofía Puig transitioned to lead Enseña Uruguay as their Executive Director in 2018. Prior to this, Sofía had joined the program as a Fellow in 2016, teaching English and Spanish to teenagers in one of the most vulnerable communities in Uruguay. Her experience as a teacher completely changed her understanding of the challenges the education system were facing, and helped her realize she wanted to dedicate her life to battling education inequity.  Sofía has always been committed to working with vulnerable communities, and over the years had engaged with other social organizations related to humanitarian aid within Uruguay.  She even started several social projects which were always aimed at bridging across lines of difference for social justice. In recent years, Sofía has been a strong advocate for feminism in Uruguay.  Moved by challenges and achieving big goals, she is also a passionate marathon runner.  Her life goal is to help close the gender, educational and social gaps in Uruguay.