Rahmatullah Arman

Rahmatullah Arman leads Teach For Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s largest youth led organization, as its President and Founder.

Mr.Arman completed his secondary school studies in Kabul, Afghanistan, and received a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Masters in International Human Resources Management from the University of Pune, India. At Pune University, Mr. Arman was among the highest ranked national and international students from 2007-2011, and earned several national and international awards at debates and conferences.

He has served in leading positions within government and private sector organizations in a variety of fields, and was selected as an inaugural member of the Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network of champions for girls’ education.

Mr. Arman is also a Global Youth Ambassador, International Youth Council member and Board Director of PRDO organization.

Teach For Afghanistan has placed 250 fellows, 75% of whom are women, in Nangarhar province, reaching over 25,000 girls and more than 15,000 boys. They have also recruited 43 fellows, over 75% of whom are women, in Parwan province where they will  impact over 15,000 children.

Teach For Afghanistan