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When Students Lead: Advocating for Change in Baltimore

Across the network, teachers and alumni of Teach For All partners are seeing improved outcomes inside and outside of their classrooms by focusing on and fostering student leadership. Among those at the forefront of this work is Teach For America alumnus Zeke Cohen, co-founder of The Intersection, an organization in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to helping low-income students recognize and realize their potential as leaders of social change in their communities, their country, and the world.

Video by Faolan Jones

A Focus on Student Vision and Leadership

In November, representatives of more than 20 network partners gathered in Mumbai, India to delve deeply into the question of how fostering leadership and empowerment among students can enhance learning and lead to improved outcomes and expanded opportunities. The event brought together CEOs, staff, alumni, participants, and students from across the Teach For All network, representing a wide range of experiences, both culturally and professionally.

Who's Defining Success?

“My teachers would say, ‘Elijah, why do you dress that way? You’re so bright. You’re not a thug…’ As if that’s all my culture represents…they made me feel like I wasn’t complete, like my culture was inferior.”

—elijah Miles, College Student


The Power of Parents

“Our intention with our work
is not for parents to change, what we want
is for them to realize their power.”

RISE Colorado co-founders and co-CEOs Veronica Palmer (Teach For America 2006) and Milagros Barsallo (Teach For America 2009) believe in the power of parents—not only as key influencers of their own child, but also as influencers of schools and influencers of systems.

Global Change Forum: Join the Discussion

In the long-term, the Teach For All network has the potential to shape approaches to increasing excellence and equity across international education systems. Through pioneering leadership, collective impact, and influencing system change, we can be a core part of the growing global movement for change. In the short-term, one of the fastest ways to catalyze that change is through engaging our network—and especially our alumni—with the most promising, exciting, and innovative ideas in expanding opportunity for children.