Enseña por Colombia

Fostering Entrepreneurialism and Growth in the Americas

In April, Teach For All convened education leaders from across the Americas to explore the value of sharing regional insights and the best ways to scale thriving programs. The meeting concluded with a panel of experts including Luis Enrique García, Vice Minister of Education, Government of Colombia; Felipe Medina, Chairman of the Board of the Transforming Philanthropy Initiative; Franco Mosso, CEO and Co-founder, EnseñaPerú; and Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder, Teach For All.

Achieving goals on and off the field

It all started with one classroom in South London...

My biggest win as a teacher in South London happened in my second year when I started a student football team with a Teach First colleague. Suddenly, my relationships with some of my most challenging and disengaged students changed in a positive way. For me, leading the team allowed me to get to know my Year 10 boys outside the classroom. But the impact went much deeper, providing students with self-confidence and a sense of companionship that had a positive impact on their academic performance.