Teach First

Teach For All Presents to European Commission

In October, Teach For All was honored to be invited to present our network model and national approach to the Ministries of Education of the European Union and select European business and social stakeholders. Held in Brussels, Belgium, the presentation followed several meetings between representatives of Teach For All and our European partners and members of the European Commission (EC) that have taken place throughout the year.

Teach First Launches Fair Education Alliance With UK Coalition

On June 20, Teach First and 23 other leading organizations in the UK launched the Fair Educaiton Alliance, a new coalition for change in education that aims to end the persistent achievement gap between young people from the nation's poorest communities and their wealthier peers. Unified by a common goal, the Alliance will work collectively to find long term solutions to address educational inequality, and will annually monitor the progress made to narrow the gap.

Achieving goals on and off the field

It all started with one classroom in South London...

My biggest win as a teacher in South London happened in my second year when I started a student football team with a Teach First colleague. Suddenly, my relationships with some of my most challenging and disengaged students changed in a positive way. For me, leading the team allowed me to get to know my Year 10 boys outside the classroom. But the impact went much deeper, providing students with self-confidence and a sense of companionship that had a positive impact on their academic performance.  

A Rising Tide For Education

Teach For All's CEO, Wendy Kopp, was recently interviewed by International Innovation, a global publication that that provides unique access to content for the scientific, technology, and research communities. The following is the full text of the interview, reposted with permission.

Tough Young Teachers Airs on BBC

"Tough Young Teachers,” a documentary series produced by Victory Television and BBC Three with the support of Teach First, is giving audiences in the UK an unprecedented view of the challenges and triumphs new teachers experience. The series, which premiered on January 9,  follows the journey of six Teach First trainees through one academic year working in schools in low-income communities of London.

An Honor Split a Thousand Ways

“From the moment I found out about this honour last year, I’ve thought about how bizarre it is to single out any one person for work that, by definition, is the result of the commitment of thousands. Teach First would not be here without our original ‘Founding Ambassadors,’ or the brave pioneering 2003 participants who proved the skeptics wrong. We would not be making our current impact without the work of our hundreds of wonderful employees, university tutors, in-school mentors, trustees and supporters, financial and otherwise.