Unifying Principles

While each network partner is independent and locally led, all partners share a commitment to the following principles that define our overarching approach:

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Pursue our global network's shared purpose

Pursue our global network's shared purpose and theory of change rooted in our theory of the problem, live into our core values when working across the network, and contribute to our unifying vision and intended outcomes.

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Recruit & Select Leaders

Recruit and select a significant number of the country's most promising leaders from diverse backgrounds, academic disciplines, and career interests, who demonstrate the values and capabilities to positively impact holistic outcomes of students in marginalized communities and become lifelong leaders who work with others to achieve systemic change

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Partner with Schools & Communities

Partner with schools and communities to contribute to collective leadership among students, educators,and community members, initially with participants who make a two-year commitment to teach, with full responsibility for student learning, and ultimately with alumni who continue working to expand opportunity for children

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Support & Develop Participants

Support and develop participants as leaders who work with students, families, and community members towards a shared vision for student success and gain the foundations for a lifetime of contribution to children fulfilling their potential

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Cultivate Lifelong Leadership

Cultivate lifelong leadership among alumni so they can work collectively with students, families, and other stakeholders to enable all children to fulfill their potential.

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Pursue Measurable Impact

Pursue measurable impact on holistic student outcomes at the classroom and community levels.

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Operate an Autonomous Organization

Operate an autonomous organization with an independent board and a diversified funding base.

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Partner with the Public & Private Sectors

Partner with the public and private sectors at every level to achieve shared goals and sustain local and national impact.

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Build a Diverse Coalition of Leaders

Build a diverse coalition of leaders including team members, participants, alumni, students and supporters, with a commitment to the representation and inclusion of those who have experienced the inequities we’re addressing.