Education in Emergencies: Connecting across borders

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Two young girls in a classroom wearing yellow paper headbands face each other

In regions across the globe, many Teach For All partners are supporting children and communities living through crises. Not only do these organizations provide quality teaching and learning in emergency-affected classrooms, they’re also cultivating leaders who drive changes needed in the humanitarian ecosystem and beyond.

In May 2023, Teach For All held its first Education in Emergencies (EiE) Immersion to strengthen our network’s collective impact for crisis-affected communities. The event was hosted by Teach For Lebanon and took place across four days in Byblos. It brought together network partners who are navigating diverse emergency contexts—some, like Enseña por Colombia, Teach For Bangladesh, Teach For Sweden, and Teach For Armenia, support large populations of refugee or internally displaced students, while others are addressing the impact of natural disasters, protracted conflicts, or political unrest, such as Teach For Ukraine, Teach For Uganda, Enseña por México, and Teach For Ethiopia.

By connecting across borders, partners are able to learn from each other, share solutions, build relationships, and form a supportive global community of EiE practitioners. One of the most common reflections coming out of this experience was the feeling of a stronger sense of possibility and hope for what could be possible in participants' own emergency situations.