From “High” Conflict to “Good” Conflict: A Conversation With Amanda Ripley

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Even as our world has become more interconnected and access to information more readily available, many people’s positions, opinions, and realities have become more siloed, divided, and polarized—and technology has given us a greater opportunity to filter out others whose beliefs and ideas differ from our own. In a world that feels ever more fractured, how can we make progress and ensure the next generation is able to work collectively? What skills, mindsets, and ideas could we nurture in our community to help us lead ourselves out of polarity, binary thinking, and “high” conflict? What type of leadership do we need to cultivate that invites dialogue, deep listening and “good conflict” and enables us to benefit from our differences?  In this session, New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist Amanda Ripley shares reflections based on her latest book High Conflict: Why we get trapped, and how we get out.