In Kenya, Esther Gacigi is supporting her students to become climate education champions

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A Black female teachers stands in a school yard surrounded by young students holding up plants growing in recycled plastic containers

Teach For Kenya fellow Esther Gacigi, is making a real difference in her community by supporting her students to become empowered leaders in climate education. In her work, she strives to adopt powerful solutions to solve inequalities while engaging her learners in the process of leading change in their own communities. Together with her team, she developed a curriculum that teaches both learners and educators about climate change, it's local impacts, and how they can develop sustainable solutions that are beneficial both locally and globally.

As a member of Teach For All's Climate Education community, recently, Esther joined forces with other passionate young climate advocates from across the Teach For All network at COP28 to speak out and demand action on this critical issue. It's no secret that the climate crisis is having a devastating impact on our planet, and it's also affecting our children in profound ways. Shockingly, 40 million children are currently having their education disrupted every year due to climate-related disasters, and this number is only increasing.

Esther hopes that one day every child has access to holistic quality education that includes climate education, so they can reach their fullest potential, be resilient, and live sustainably.