Teach For India alumna Richa Gupta co-created wellbeing programs that reach over two million students

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A classroom full of young Indian chilren raise notebooks and smile at their young female teacher standing in the front of a whiteboard

As a Teach For India fellow, Richa Gupta witnessed the challenges facing her students and their families in their low-income community, and how those challenges impacted them at school. Recognizing that many of the children were experiencing significant stress and trauma, she believed that focusing on their wellbeing was critical to supporting them inside and outside of the classroom. As an alumna, Richa co-founded Labhya, and co-created well-being programs that impact over two million students in 22,000 schools across three states in India.

Watch the video to learn about Labhya and about Richa's role as a Young Leader for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, where she advocates for the recognition of the importance of wellbeing for children and young people.