In Zimbabwe, Edson Dongo is bringing climate education to communities that are most impacted by the climate crisis

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In front of a large tree, a tall African man stands in the middle of a row of African students in school uniforms

When he was a child, Edson Dongo developed a deep connection with the natural environment in his rural community. As a Teach For Zimbabwe fellow in a similar community, Edson saw that the biggest problems his students' families faced—poverty and food scarcity—were directly linked to effects of climate change on their own environment. To address these challenges, Edson integrated climate education into the curriculum and started a club, Students in the Fight Against Climate Change, to invest his learners in the importance of being environmental stewards and to build their reslilience, capacity, and mindsets to navigate their world today, and in the future. 

Watch the video to learn about Edson's work as a teacher, and how in his current role as Teach For Zimbabwe's Alumni Manager and Climate Change Lead he's helping bring climate education to many more classrooms, schools, and communities.

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