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What We Do

Around the world, Teach For All network partners are developing leadership in classrooms and communities to ensure all children can fulfill their potential.

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Millions of children lack the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive.

The obstacles they face—poverty, hunger, discrimination, trauma, and school systems that do not
provide them with the education they need—are overwhelming. And when millions of children aren’t
learning, it affects us all—perpetuating poverty, dividing societies, and weakening economies.

All Children Deserve:

  • Services that support healthy development
  • Education systems designed to meet diverse needs
  • Advocates who challenge the injustices they face
  • The tools to navigate—and lead—the world they'll inherit



To change the status quo for children, we need leadership

Meaningful, sustainable change requires leaders who are rooted in their local culture, challenges, and opportunities and who believe in the potential of children and their communities. Teach For All is developing collective leadership to improve education and expand opportunity for all children, so they can shape a better future for themselves and the world around them.

Partner With Communities

Teach For All network organizations build deep partnerships with communities committed to making long-term progress for children.

Recruit Promising Leaders

These organizations recruit their nations’ diverse, promising leaders to channel their energy into these communities by teaching for at least two years.

Provide Support & Development

Network partners support and develop participants to work together with community members, families, and local leaders towards a shared vision for student success and to gain the foundation for a lifetime of leadership for children.

Cultivate Leadership

Network partners cultivate long-term collective leadership among alumni, allies, and community members in pursuit of progress towards the vision for student success.

Share and Adapt Solutions

The global organization provides a platform for staff members, teachers, alumni, and allies around the world to share solutions to accelerate progress.

Communities Supporting Children to Thrive

Communities all over the world provide all children the education, support, and opportunity to fulfill their potential.

A Locally-Rooted, Globally Informed Network

Strong, independent organizations
innovating in diverse contexts
A global organization
sharing solutions to accelerate impact
A thriving network
ensuring all children fulfill their potential

Community Impact

Many alumni of Teach For All partners go on to become veteran educators—while others continue to challenge inequity outside of the classroom. Informed by their experience as teachers, network alumni become school and district leaders, policymakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs who work together with many others to reshape the systems that leave so many children behind.


of Teach First Israel alumni are currently teachers


of Enseña Perú’s 244 alumni are employed by the Ministry of Education


Teach For India alumni are working to improve teacher training across India


network alumni have launched social enterprises in their countries

Classroom Impact

Network partners begin cultivating leadership by calling on their countries’ diverse  graduates and professionals to commit at least two years to teach in the schools and communities where they’re needed most. Through ongoing training and development, these teachers become strong classroom leaders and determined advocates for their students, who understand the complex challenges facing economically disadvantaged communities and believe that overcoming these obstacles is possible.


Together, Kaija Keski-Nummi and Rosemary Plumber are teaching their students about their country's complex history
Wisdom Amouzou


We’re seeing an impact in classrooms and communities across the network


Classroom impact

Teach For All partners strive for immediate impact in classrooms and long-term collective impact in communities.  

In classrooms across the network, teachers are helping their students achieve academic success and develop the skills and mindsets they need to thrive in—and lead—a rapidly changing world.

Grounded in their experience in the classroom, network alumni are becoming leaders who, in partnership with communities and other stakeholders, are taking on the challenges facing marginalized children from inside and outside of the education system.

Classroom impact

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Teach For All's Global Organization

Teach For All's global organization provides a platform that enables network partners to connect with and learn from each other, accelerating their individual and collective impact.

Fostering Network Growth

In regions around the world, we build awareness of the relevance and impact of our approach to expanding opportunity for children among promising social entrepreneurs and potential supporters and collaborators. We work with emerging entrepreneurs as they develop an understanding of Teach For All’s unifying approach and consider how to adapt it to their countries, gain strategic clarity, and build local support for their organizations.

Supporting Partner Scale, Impact, and Capacity

Once partners have joined the network, we support them in their efforts to achieve scale, foster student and participant learning and leadership, maximize the individual and collective impact of alumni, and build high-performing organizations. The global organization supports network partners through capturing and spreading learnings, facilitating connections among them, accessing global resources, and fostering the leadership development of partner staff, participants, and alumni.

Network Events

Teach For All facilitates opportunities for network partner staff to exchange ideas, and learn from best practices together. 

Annual Global Conference

The annual Global Conference brings the Teach For All community together to connect, learn, and celebrate with each other.

Global Girls' Education Initiative

The Global Girls’ Education Initiative accelerates and amplifies the local impact of the network's girls’ education champions.

Building an Interconnected Global Community

We create for network students, teachers, alumni, staff and allies to learn from and support each other.

Global Innovation Hub

The Global Innovation Hub accelerates the leadership and impact of alumni innovators and helps network partners support them locally.

Communities of Practice

Teach For All’s Communities of Practice fuel learning and connectivity among the network's 50,000+ alumni leaders.

Research & Evaluation Fellowship

The Research & Evaluation Fellowship helps network partners make evidence-based decisions appropriate to their local contexts.

Operating a Global Learning Lab

We capture, synthesize, and share what we’re learning from within and beyond our network about creating transformational progress in classrooms and communities.

Influencing the Global Discussion

We elevate diverse experience from across the network to advocate within the broader global education community for equity and opportunity for children.