Women in Ancash Peru do crafts together

Community Impact

In communities across the network,
collective leadership is building

Teach For Unganda alumnus Charles Obore in his home community

Reshaping the systems that hold children back takes many people pioneering many solutions and working together at all levels—in schools, in government, and in communities. 

The Teach For All network is working toward the day when, in every community, a critical mass of leaders is working collectively to ensure all children have the education, support, and opportunity they need to navigate and lead the world they’ll inherit.

Alumni Leadership

As educators, school and district leaders, policymakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs, network alumni are collaborating with many others to spark and sustain the collective leadership needed to create meaningful change for children.

> 70%

of Teach For All network alumni continue to work in education or in roles that positively impact marginalized communities


of Teach First Israel alumni are currently teachers


EnseñaPerú’s alumni are employed by the Ministry of Education


network alumni have launched their own social enterprises


Teach For India alumni are working to improve teacher training across India

As educators, school and district leaders, policymakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs, network alumni are collaborating with many others to spark and sustain the collective leadership needed to create meaningful change for children.

Long-term Impact in Communities

In countries around the world, network partners and their teachers and alumni are working together with families and communities to improve outcomes and expand opportunities for students—and they’re making real progress.

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Teach For America - DC

Teach For America
Washington, DC, United States

Over the course of a decade, D.C. Public Schools transitioned from one of the lowest performing school districts in the US into the country’s fastest improving urban district, thanks in part to leadership by Teach For America alumni, over 80% of whom continue to work in education or in roles that impact children from low-income communities. 

Alumni have led the school system as chancellors, deputy mayors of education, and superintendents of education, and have made up 15-20% of D.C.’s principals over the past ten years.  More than 500 of the region's alumni are teachers, including six of the past seven Teachers of the Year, and alumni have founded several influential NGOs—focusing on developing student literacy, training teachers, improving teacher-parent relationships, and more—that have contributed significantly to the district’s progress.

Enseña Perú - Áncash

Enseña Perú
Áncash, Peru

Since 2016, Enseña Perú has been working in the Ancash region in northern Peru in collaboration with the local education ministry and the mining company Antamina, which is a major local employer. Together, the coalition developed Efecto Áncash (the Ancash Effect) to improve academic and non-academic outcomes for students living in the region’s remote communities. 

Efecto Áncash comprises multiple initiatives that contribute directly and indirectly to student learning, including teacher development and capacity building and partnering with communities around a shared vision for students. Among these initiatives are the Leadership Program, which “clusters” more than 60 Enseña Perú teachers in the region’s schools, and ¡Qué maestro! a training and development program for local teachers who are not part of Enseña Perú’s program. An independent study by the Universidad del Pacífico in 2020 demonstrated that Efecto Áncash produced a sizable positive effect on students' academic learning in reading and

Enseña Chile - across chile

Enseña Chile

Teach For All’s first Latin American partner placed its first cohort in 2009. Today, more than 280 Enseña Chile teachers work in 11 of the country’s 16 regions, and almost 700 alumni are bringing their leadership, perspectives, and collaborative energy to all levels of education and society.

Enseña Chile alumni go on to work at every level of the system, including as the third-highest executive in the national ministry of education, and as the mayor and head of education in the country’s largest district. More than 30% of alumni are teaching, 5% are in positions of school leadership, and another 40% work in other education positions. Alumni have held roles within the last four national coalition governments, while others are founding and leading schools and leveraging the learnings of Enseña Chile to train thousands of other teachers through innovative teacher training programs. Launched by Enseña Chile teachers and alumni during the pandemic, Canales Enseña produces audio lessons for radio broadcast that now reach students in 60% of the country.


Teach First-UK

Teach First
London, UK

For years, London was among the worst-performing areas in England in terms of outcomes for students from low-income communities. Today, the city’s schools have become the highest performing in the country, and independent research identified Teach First as one of four key factors in this transformation. 

Currently, one in 14 of all teachers working in schools serving London’s low-income communities are Teach First teachers and alumni, with over 1,000 alumni serving in middle or senior leadership positions in London schools. Teach First alumni serve as head teachers at almost 100 schools, having either founded new schools or taken over existing ones. Beyond the classroom, more than 50 alumni are working at every level of policy, including the policy advisor to the secretary of state for education, and hundreds are working in non-profit organizations that seek to fill gaps and influence system change—including 40 who have founded and lead social enterprises that are developing teachers and school leaders, expanding the focus of schools, supporting first generation university students, and more.

Teach For Nigeria - Ogun State

Teach For Nigeria
Ogun State, Nigeria

Since its launch in 2017, Teach For Nigeria has played an integral role in the evolution of the education landscape in Ogun State, the country’s educational center, where the organization has placed 622 fellows. Teach For Nigeria is a key institutional partner to the regional government, providing teaching and leadership talent, staffing the state’s virtual learning effort during lockdown, and influencing the initial and ongoing training of the state’s teachers.

Teach For Nigeria’s strong relationships with the government and other stakeholders has enabled them to respond quickly to crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and to have a broad impact. Early in the pandemic the Ogun State government recruited Teach For Nigeria fellows to teach both on the radio and live on TV while schools were closed, reaching a potential audience of millions of children. In addition to the government-led radio and TV initiatives, in early 2021 Teach For Nigeria launched Teach For Nigeria Radio School, which is broadcast on two major stations and has so far reached over 50,000 listeners. Last year, Teach For Nigeria launched a School Leadership Program, which focuses on equipping public school leaders with effective practical school leadership, management skills, and tools to place them in the best position to drive holistic transformation in their existing schools. 

Teach for India - Pune

Teach For India
Pune, India

In Pune, one of Teach For India’s first placement cities, more than 80% of alumni have continued to work in education, leading numerous initiatives to strengthen the system. 

In a city where there were no English medium secondary schools, they’ve established 14, making it possible for students to complete secondary education and have a high-quality pathway to post-secondary options. Alumni run several initiatives to support the development of thousands of other teachers and headteachers in the system, and they’ve opened community centers and launched social enterprises to supplement what’s offered in schools, provide students with holistic development, and engage parents in their children’s learning. The Pune Children’s Zone was developed by alumni to connect early childhood education and vocational education to schools. And alumni-led Leadership For Equity is working collaboratively to build the capacity of government system leaders, improve teaching and learning practices, and influence policy to enable quality education at scale.


Global Learning Lab for
Community Impact

Teach For All’s Global Learning Lab for Community Impact works alongside network partners as they engage with families, local leaders, policymakers, and other community members.