A group of young African boys leans over a shared desk smiling and writing in notebooks

What if we worked together to redesign classrooms, schools, and education systems to develop students as leaders of a better future?

Inequitable education systems prevent millions of children from fulfilling their potential. Together, we can change this. Teach For All is launching the Global Institute for Transforming Education to catalyze collective, cross-cultural learning about how to develop all students—in particular those in the most marginalized communities—as leaders of a more just, equitable, and sustainable future.

The Global Institute will connect, challenge, and inspire a diverse network of classroom, school, and system leaders around the world through its three complementary components:


An annual program of courses and workshops in which diverse cohorts learn and share with one another, assisted by our global faculty, about how to transform classrooms, schools, and systems

Research Lab

A participatory platform for global learning that brings together researchers and practitioners to generate evidence and insight about how to transform education to grow all students as leaders


An online, open access collection of informative and high-impact resources and insights designed to support classroom, school, and system leaders in their efforts to transform education

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