2020 Global Conference - The Role of NGOs in Transforming Philanthropy and Aid

Disrupting philanthropy and aid to build anti-racist societies will take a joint effort by donors across sectors and non-profit organizations (NGOs). We believe that engaging those closest to the inequities we are working to address is the key to sustainable impact, and this panel discussion addresses how NGOs can play a key role in shifting the power structures in aid and global philanthropy. How can we further advance more inclusive grantmaking models, ensure equity in decision making, support and validate the work of local leaders, and create more dynamic and transformative partnerships? And ultimately, what will it take to shift the narrative around the problems philanthropy and aid are trying to address, informed by the perspectives of those working to change these realities?


Anant Bhagwati
Director for Capacity Building and Expertise

Cheryl Dorsey
Echoing Green

Kennedy Odede
CEO and Founder
Shining Hope for Communities

Chirlie Y. Felix
Senior Strategic Advisor
Teach For All

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