Atlassian Foundation International Partners With the Teach For All Global Network

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Teach For All and Atlassian Foundation International, through which they will invest in developing local leadership to ensure more children have access to the education, support, and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential and help prepare them for the workforce of the future. As part of this grant, Atlassian Foundation International will support the efforts of Teach For All’s global organization. 

"At Atlassian Foundation, we believe that behind every great human achievement there is a team, and we are thrilled to team up with Teach For All to support the thriving network of locally rooted and globally informed organizations and coalition of leaders working to ensure all children are able to reach their potential," said Mark Reading, Head of Atlassian Foundation. 

Atlassian Foundation International’s investment in Teach For All will help the global organization expand its scale and global reach, build an interconnected movement of more than 60,000 alumni of Teach For All network partners, and foster community level progress, all while ensuring rigor in how the network measures its progress. 

In addition to providing critical support to Teach For All’s efforts around the world, this grant will also enable Atlassian employees to volunteer and directly support partners across the Teach For All network with organizational, project management, and technological projects.  As a founding member of Pledge 1%, Atlassian has made a commitment of 1% equity, employee time, product, and profit to make a difference in the world. 

“As a former teacher and proud alumna of Teach For America, venturing into enterprise software at Atlassian has been a big shift for me'" said Alyssa Warren, Product Marketing Manager of Atlassian Foundation. "Through learning more about Atlassian's corporate values and culture and commitment to education, I understood how being part of the Atlassian team allows me to make an even greater impact. When I saw the opportunity to serve as a partnership manager for one of the Foundation’s recent grantee, Teach For All, I knew I had to get involved.” 

In the decade since its launch, Teach For All has grown from a network of organizations in eight countries to one that includes partner organizations in more than 50 countries across six continents. Partnerships with supporters like Atlassian Foundation International make it possible for Teach For All to continue to support the launch and development of new network partners around the world, and to enable these organizations to recruit and develop more local leadership in classrooms and communities committed to improving education and expanding opportunity for children.